Eligible Vendors

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Farms & Packaged Foods
  • Consumable Personal Goods (including Body Care)
  • Services


  • We have facility access each Friday for vendor load-in/setup
  • Vendors register for a load time slot on our registration portal
    • This greatly reduces the traffic jams on the loading ramps
    • You must arrive within your time slot, and empty your vehicle quickly
    • After parking your vehicle elsewhere, you may remain onsite to setup for as long as you require
    • Your vehicle must be removed from the loading ramp to allow others access 
  • Most weekends, we are allowed to remain setup/in-place throughout the idle week
    • This is not guaranteed, and there have been instances where we have had to breakdown/relocate from some halls
    • The costs associated with guaranteeing in-place all week would more than triple the vendor setup fees
  • If relocation is required, your booth must be moved/dismantled Sunday night after the event concludes

Market Terms

  • Approved Market Vendors only
  • Fees for All Three Weekends:
    • August 15-October 31: $425 setup
  • Single Day Options
    • Offered after November 1, on a remaining space-available basis
    • November 1-December 1: $120/day setup
  • Additional fees:
    • Electricity: $50 (optional, select during registration)
    • 10% post-event sales commission collected daily

Event Day Timeline

  • 8:00am: Vendor Access Begins
  • 10am-5pm: Saturdays
  • 11am-5pm: Sundays
  • 6pm: Vendor Access Ends