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The Pea Pickin’ Hearts cast a spell with their quirky Americana mashup of raucous rockabilly, folk & hillbilly sounds that pay homage to 1940s & 50s Appalachia. Lead singer Rachel Gibson & guitarist Jon Ives create unique harmonies that can only develop after years of listening–-one to the other. Their name is a sweet tribute to both Tennessee Ernie Ford’s famous line “bless your pea pickin’ heart” & the love they share for Tennessee.

The Pea Pickin’ Hearts are celebrating the NEW RELEASE of “Last Words” (September 2015), the follow up to their folk-inspired CD, “Creekwood Crow” (August 2014). The Pea Pickin’ Hearts spend their days touring the eastern United States crashing-testing new songs for the next release!  Check out the calendar at to a show near you!