Jeff Miller

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Jeff Miller knew early on that music was in his blood. He started violin at five years old, and by eight was showing a serious aptitude for music. It wasn’t until thirteen though that he found his true calling – guitar. At that young age he pawned his videogames, went down to the local music store and bought a used Kramer guitar. Soon after he added his first acoustic guitar – an Alvarez – to his collection. There was no looking back.

Jeff’s aptitude continued to grow throughout high school, where he produced and recorded his first album with a group of friends. Later, Jeff would attend his first Phil Keaggy show. Legendary among guitarists, Keaggy’s unique approach to the acoustic guitar had a strong influence on young Jeff. This influence resulted in his long-standing affection for combining live performance with cutting edge technology. The result was Jeff’s innovative live-looping technique.

So what is live-looping? Basically, it’s a process by which a player can record a musical phrase live, in front of an audience, and immediately play it back in repetition. While this phrase continues to repeat, the player can record another “loop” to layer over the original. This process can be repeated multiple times, creating dense, layered compositions mimicking the sound of multiple musicians and backing vocalists. Jeff, over the years, has adopted this technique into his core style, adding the elements of songwriting and expression alongside the technical prowess required.
In the years since finding the guitar, Jeff has accomplished much. He is now a gifted musician, a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, a husband and a father. His live-looping technique has become ubiquitous for up-and-coming guitarists and his skills as a teacher and mentor are now in demand. In this vein, Jeff’s “Loop of the Week” video series was the first and most popular video series of its type on Youtube. His music has been featured on nationally syndicated television, and CBS Sports. Most recently Jeff has even found time to add acting to resume as an extra on the ABC show Nashville. For Jeff though, its always been about the music. He is now touring in support of his latest album “Loops” – Come on out to one of his shows, you won’t regret it.​